Her Majesty’s Theatre London

The groundbreaking plan of C J Phipps has caused in the superb Her Majesty’s Theatre London. The impressive structure is beneath Grade II showing evidence of French style. The external of Her Majesty’s Theatre shows riches and imperialism. The compelling Andrew Lloyd Webber’s fiction, The Phantom of the Opera has accomplished its 28th pleasing years in this eye-catching theatre.

The oldest London theatre noticed its opening in 1705! In 1867, the complete construction was turned into ruins, but was built again in 1877 as Her Majesty’s Theatre. Take pleasure in some of the well-liked London musicals, for example West Side Story, Noel Coward’s Bitter Sweet, Chu Chin Chow and Phantom of the Opera London.
The haunting saga of Phantom of the Opera moves in the order of a brilliant musician who is a blemished phantom and his rising affection to a good-looking singing girl (Christine Daae) in the opera house. The Phantom indulges in love with the gorgeous singing girl.
The amazing London harmonious features a number of immense attires, sparkling sets and enormous special effects. The anxiety and frightening sense of the Paris opera house has been wonderfully captured at the glorious Her Majesty’s Theatre London. You can also feel the mystery by reserving official Phantom of the Opera tickets!

Happy time is waiting for you just to make your ordinary night into a glorious night at Her Majesty Theatre. So, enjoy your time in this fabulous theatre and watch a wonderful love story that is enough to make you fall in love again.


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